Wellness for Mothers: Part 3


Avacados with other fruits and vegetables: Photo by US Department of Agriculture /  CC BY 2.0


Physical wellness

Physical wellness is about taking care of your body. This dimension includes sleep, physical activity and nutrition. Many mothers I know struggle in this dimension. Mothers (especially new moms) lack sleep, can hardly find time to eat and physical activity may be the last thing on her mind. The following are ways a busy mother can improve her physical wellness.

  1. Make healthy snacking easy. Place healthy snacks, such as nut mixes, near places where you breastfeed or sit frequently. Easy access can help a busy mother stay nourished.


  1. Cut up fruit and veggies once per week while your partner or a family member is around so you have easy accessible snacks to grab. Or if you can afford it, buy them already cut for you!


  1. Put your stroller to good use. Pack your kids up in the stroller and take a walk outside. Walking is the simplest form of activity for most. This will help two fold, by engaging in physical activity and fresh air.


  1. Make moving a family affair. If you have a baby, check out this link for a mom and baby routine. With older kids, go to a park and play with them instead of being on the sidelines. Here is another link for ideas with older children. Remember to check with your doctor before engaging in a physical activity routine.


  1. Sleep is a tough one for moms. Many moms do not sleep enough due to children’s needs. However, if you struggle with falling asleep, even when you have the chance, try a guided meditation to help induce sleep.


  1. Another method for falling asleep is breath counting. An easy way to try this technique is to count your inhales up to 5, then start over. Continue this cycle. Focusing on breathing automatically relaxes the body.


Remember drastic changes are not necessarily the way to go while improving wellness. You can begin with one simple change and continue to add small changes as they become habit.

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