Wellness for Mothers: Part 7


Balanced on Water: Photo by Murray Barnes / CC BY 2.0

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness includes finding meaning in life, living your values and connection. The journey to spiritual wellness is unique for individuals. This dimension often vastly varies from person to person. What fulfills one person may not another. When it comes to spiritual wellness, do what works for you. The following are some ideas to try:

  1. Take a walk outside in nature. Being around a great body of water, sunsets or hiking through the woods can engage your spirituality.


  1. Try a guided meditation. This can help with relaxation and connection.


  1. If you are religious, engage with your church. Pray and attend services.


  1. Spend some time alone simply reflecting about meaning and purpose.


  1. Discuss spiritual wellness with a loved one and what it means to each one of you.


My spiritual wellness has been heightened since I became a mother. Motherhood has helped me feel a sense of purpose beyond myself. It amazes me that my body was able to create a whole person. The process caused me to reflect on what a miracle the process truly is.

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