Wellness for Mothers: Part 2


Sophie Reading: Photo by Brad Greenlee / CC BY 2.0

Intellectual Wellness

One of the biggest struggles in self-care a mother faces is a sheer lack of time to focus on her wellness. Caring for others is time consuming. The goal for reviewing each of the 6 wellness dimensions individually is to provide simple, time effective ways to impact wellness.

Intellectual wellness is about keeping one’s brain sharp and engaged. It is about thinking outside of your current paradigm and increasing creativity. The following are ways a mother can incorporate intellectual wellness into her day.

  1. Take time, whether it is 5 minutes or an hour, in your day to read something. It could be a few pages in a book, a blog, an article or a newspaper. Reading helps keep your brain sharp.


  1. Complete a crossword puzzle or Sudoku. If you are new to puzzles, buy an easy book from the dollar store to begin. You will find yourself becoming more efficient at the puzzles over time. This is your brain making connections.


  1. Sit down with your kids to do an art project and complete one of your own! You could multitask by working on your family scrapbook or baby book you have been meaning to get to.


  1. Bring your kids to a children’s museum or an aquarium. Read the postings out loud to your kids and you may learn something too.


  1. Have a friendly debate with your partner or a family member. To make it interesting, you could argue from the opposite viewpoint of what you actually believe.


  1. Talk to your baby or kids about science, art, history or another subject of interest. This can help you learn new information. Additionally, babies and toddlers benefit from live language, which is you talking to them, during development.


Keep your brain in shape during motherhood through some of these easy to incorporate intellectual wellness techniques. What is your favorite way to keep your brain sharp?

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