Anxiety has a home in the future


House: Photo by mschellhase / CC BY 2.0

Worry is a part of motherhood. It is normal and natural for a mother to worry about her children and the future. Some mothers struggle with distressing anxiety.

Anxiety lives in the future. It exists in thoughts like: what if my child gets really sick OR injured OR something worse.

Sadness is a part of motherhood and simply being human. It is normal and natural for a mother to feel sad at certain times. Some mothers struggle with debilitating depression.

Depression lives in the past. It exists in thoughts like: I am a failure OR inadequate OR things are hopeless.

The present is a place where a mother can exist and rest her mind. Taking mindful moments, as written about in a previous blog entry can give a mother a necessary mental break.

The intention of this post is to raise awareness about the power of the present moment. It is about gently guiding the self, back to the present moment, taking in the sights, sounds and smells. Even if it is only a fleeting moment or you are able to be present for longer, it is a break from all the worries and regrets you carry around daily.

I encourage you to think about where your worry or sadness lives and allow yourself to “live in the moment” a couple times per day.

  • Take a minute (or five) to sit in silence and do nothing (yeah right… “good luck” says every mother ever)
  • Focus deliberately on what you are doing in this very moment. Gently bring your mind back to the present as it begins to wander.
  • Eat slowly and savor flavors
  • Take in your children’s joy, wonder and innocence as they play
  • Focus on your breath or count your breaths


Note: Depression and anxiety can be severe and debilitating for some individuals and can require treatment. I encourage you to seek treatment if it is necessary.



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