Hug: Photo by Arwen Abenstern / CC BY 2.0

We as humans and busy mothers tend to become caught up in daily life. There are obligations to care for, housework to be done, work, children’s needs and more. It all can be overwhelming at times. It can be isolating to be so “caught up”.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or isolated, try this simple way to add some light to your day.


We need more kindness in this world. Not only does day to day life feel overwhelming at times, there is so much going on in the world. We hear so much negative and it is draining.

Kindness does not have to be a grand gesture. Small acts of kindness can cause ripple effects.

The following are small ways you can show kindness.

  • Give a genuine compliment to someone. Tell someone something specific you appreciate about them.
  • Give a smile
  • Buy someone’s coffee
  • Call or text a mom friend to see how she is doing
  • Hug your partner and children
  • Participate in a family friendly community event
  • Tell your mother how much she means to you
  • Volunteer with your children

Showing kindness can brighten someone’s day, and it can also elevate your mood. It feels good to be kind.

Read more about the kindness ripple effect here.

Read about a small act of kindness that had big impact here.

Here is another one about kindness living on.


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