Mindful Moments

lake superior

Mothers become masters at juggling. They care for the needs of children, partners, hopefully themselves along with balancing jobs, caring for the home and more. Stress is part of the chaos and hustle of daily life.

One way to slow down and press pause is to take a mindful moment. Mindful moments are when you focus your attention to the present instead of worrying about your future to-do list or fretting about a past mistake.

I was at a Lake Superior beach (my place of bliss) yesterday with my son and it was a beautiful evening. One of the best ways to have a mindful moment is to focus on your senses.

I saw my son tossing rocks in the lake, the sun moving toward the horizon, and people enjoying the water. I heard the waves breaking on the shoreline, laughter, and birds calling. I felt the warm sand beneath my feet and breeze against my skin. The scent of fresh air and beach was all around me. In a mindful moment such as this, stress melts away, for a brief instant.

When you engage your mind in this manner, it automatically pauses the racing mind. These pauses can be done, anywhere, at any time. It does not have to be in your place of bliss. You could be at work or home when you just need a moment.

First, focus on what you see. What colors are around?

Next, what do you hear? Sometimes it helps to close your eyes.

Focus on what you are physically feeling. Are you seated or standing? Feel the ground under your feet or your breathing.

Finally are there any scents or tastes to take in?

The racing of your mind may pick up where you left off, however, taking a small pause can help take the edge off of an overwhelming day.

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