Embrace YOURSELF as a Mom


Adventure Boy

Personality is an enduring set of traits a person poses throughout life. We all have a set of these traits. Instead of wishing yours were more like someone else, embrace your traits! What are YOU really good at as a mother? Are you the mom who is able to remember everything and have a plan for the day providing great structure for her kids? Are you the mom who is spontaneous and fun? Are you an active mom? The warm and gentle mom? The chill mom? The social mom? Are you introverted or extroverted?

It is important to remember every mother has areas where she is great and areas where she is challenged. Letting go of the pressure to measure up to another person’s great traits and hide your challenging traits is relieving. Embrace you. Your kids have the mother they are meant to. This includes the great and challenging traits you possess.

If you would like to learn more about your personality take this personality quiz.

After taking the quiz check out more about the 16 different personality combinations.

Check out this report about personality and parenting. I found it interesting.

This article has tips about when your personality conflicts with your child’s.

Finally check out this article. It includes a cool graphic about the personality types.


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