Moms have SISU


Finnish flag: Photo by Lauri Rantala / CC BY 2.0

Today is Labor Day and the purpose of this post is solely appreciative. SISU is a Finnish word that cannot quite be translated into English correctly. In the Copper Country of Upper Michigan, many individuals are of Finnish decent and words to describe the concept of SISU by locals include: determination, guts, spirit, strength through adversity, perseverance, bravery and grit.

Since I have become a mother, I have seen other mothers in a whole new light. Mothers amaze me. Mothers have SISU.

Mothers run on zero sleep, take care of multiple children and head off to full time jobs on a daily basis.

Mothers manage to care for busy toddlers needs even when she herself is sick.

Mothers bravely balance households as she works to guide her child through a health challenge.

Mothers stretch budgets further than humanly possible to feed her children.

Mothers humbly do the most important job in the world.

Since becoming a mother I have seen, read and heard so many stories of mothers who bring greatness in everyday life.

Moms, give yourself the credit you deserve. Look at all you do on a daily basis.

You amaze me. You have SISU.


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