Motivation Monday: Getting Started

Birmingham & Fazeley Canal – Newhall Street: Photo by Elliot Brown / CC BY 2.0

Especially at the beginning of a week, a to-do list can be long and overwhelming. Sometimes overwhelming can lead to paralyzing. Have you ever looked at your long list and decided to take a nap instead?

I encourage you today to just “get started”. No need to complete your whole list. Simply begin. For example, say you are planning to go for a walk, then do the dishes and finally run some errands. Take your first task: Go for a walk. Just begin by getting dressed and putting on your shoes. Even if you feel like taking the nap instead or don’t feeling like taking the walk. The act of beginning can set you in motion. Maybe you will feel closer to stepping outside.

If you are at work and you have countless tasks ahead of you for the week, use the same principle. Take one thing at a time instead of looking at the whole list. Finishing that very first item on the list can set you in motion for the day. Before you know it, the end of the day is near and you accomplished multiple tasks.

I find that taking things one task at a time can cause the cycle of “doing” to start. Your energy actually builds as you finish items on your list.

Put your shoes on mama!

Finally, remember if you do not finish everything on your to-do list, that’s ok. There is always tomorrow…

Take the First Step


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