Behind the Smile


Kristina: Photo by Mislav Marohnic / CC BY 2.0

Social media is valuable for many reasons. It can help people stay in touch, it helps promote businesses and more.

However, an important piece to remember scrolling through a feed is this: social media is a filtered world. This is helpful to remember as a mother. Often mothers may question, “am I doing this right?”/ “why does it seem easier for her?”/ “insert your common concern here”.

When you feel the trigger of your insecurity as you are scrolling through your feed, remind yourself:

Behind the perfect family photos are challenges, struggles, and fights.  The mama, who is showcasing strengths that are your weaknesses, has her set of flaws. The announcement of a new job, that sounds amazing, may come after heartache and serious financial struggle.

The purpose of this reminder is not to be negative. It is to remind every mother she is not alone with struggles, and nobody is as perfect as they seem on social media.


I came across a blog recently that addressed this topic in an amusing way.


Personally, I love seeing my friends post pictures of major milestones, weddings, babies, vacations and more. It often makes me smile. Just be aware of anxiety that can come along with comparing your whole world to this filtered world.


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