In our society, busy-ness often seems like a competition. Unused vacations days are worn as a badge of honor. Exhaustion is a status symbol. I am here to encourage you to exit this race.

My family just returned from vacation and my spirit is renewed. I spent quality time with my husband and son.

Taking breaks and vacation actually increase productivity. Read more about it here. This article is focused on the workplace outside the home, but this goes for stay-at-home mamas too. People need time away from the everyday routine to refresh and rejuvenate. There is something to be said about simply being “away” from the area that you live in.

The tips for making the most of your breaks and vacation:

  • If you have them, take ALL of your vacation days.
  • Vacation does not have to be to an exotic location. Explore somewhere a couple hours away that you have always wanted to.
  • If your budget is slim, take a long weekend somewhere nearby.
  • If your budget does not allow any travel, do a “staycation”. Use your time to visit local beaches or do hikes you have never done before. Act like a “tourist” in your town.
  • May time in your life for play. Play with your kids at the park, the beach or even at home.

For new mamas who feel like vacation is the furthest thing from your mind, no worries. You will get to a place again where you can enjoy it again.

What is your best vacation tip for families?



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