The Haze


Kveldstaka: Photo by tmorkemo / CC BY 2.0

This one is for the mamas who are currently in the postpartum haze. You are in those weeks or months after baby first comes and you are so tired. You would give anything for sleep. Fitting a shower in is difficult. The days feel long, yet weeks blend together. It feels like it will never end.

It does. Some of the lucky moms emerge quickly, and for others, the haze drags on and on, maybe past the year mark.

Care for mother (you) is important in this phase. You are caring for a tiny human who needs you around the clock. Your health and needs are important to be able to fulfill those of your baby.

To mothers in the haze:

  • Remember to eat. Keep easy access snacks around such as nuts or granola bars near where you are with your baby.
  • Stay hydrated. Have water near your feeding spot and drink water each time baby is nursing or bottle feeding.
  • Try to fit a shower in each day. Do this when your baby is sleeping or a loved one is around to help.
  • Remember this phase is temporary. Sometimes things will go smoothly and other times will be hard.
  • Reach out to other mamas. It is easy to become isolated when caring for the needs of your baby. Reach out by a call, text or use social media. We are here!
  • Try breathing techniques to calm your racing mind when you are trying to sleep. Try exercises 2 or 3 on this link to help.
  • Ask for help. Many people are willing to help, but may not how, or what you need.
  • Watch out for signs of postpartum depression, anxiety or ocd. Click here to read more about the signs.

If a family member or friend just had a baby, check out the “rules” for visiting a new mom. I found it interesting, and it would have been a helpful guide for my pre-mama self.


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