Movement for Motherhood

push up

Push Ups 2: Photo by Parker Knight / CC BY 2.0

Motherhood brings on multiple imbalances in the body. Pregnancy physically changes the body. After the baby arrives, repetitive actions such as breastfeeding, carrying baby, hauling heavy bags and car seats all affect muscles and posture.

The following are two workouts specifically designed to correct some of the imbalances that come along with motherhood. Each workout contains a warm-up, workout and cool down. Click on the corresponding tabs to see each one.


Total Body Conditioning Workout for Parents

This workout can be done with mostly bodyweight to begin with, and then add weights after. The seated cable row and seated chest press can be done at home with an exercise band if you do not have access to machines.


Postural Workout for Parents

This workout is great because it uses all bodyweight exercises. It can be done anywhere, anytime.


When adding fitness back into your busy routine, fit it in where you can. If you have 5 minutes, complete a couple of the moves. You can come back to it when you have another 5 minutes, you can add some more.

Remember, ALWAYS check with your doctor or a fitness professional when beginning any type of exercise program.


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