Friday Gratitude


Gratitude: Photo by Sheila Craan / CC BY 2.0

It is Friday and I am thankful. After a long week of juggling, I have the weekend to look forward to with my son, husband and dog.

On this Friday I ask you: Mama, what are you thankful for? Counting blessings is a great mood elevator. If gratitude is used on a regular basis, your brain can be trained to begin to scan for positive in your daily life instead of negative.

Gratitude challenge

Step 1:

If you are looking for a way to keep your mood elevated, challenge yourself to a gratitude list.

What are the BIG things you are thankful for?

This could include family, faith, relationships, health and passion.

What are some basic things you are thankful for?

This could include having enough food, a home to live in and a job to work at.

What are some little things you are thankful for?

This could include indulgences like coffee or chocolate, alone time, or leisure time.

Step 2:

After writing down your personal list, record how you are feeling mood wise.

Step 3:

Repeat as necessary throughout the week to increase benefits.


To read more about the science between mood and gratitude, check out these articles:

Gratitude Adjustment

The Science behind Gratitude


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