Simple Solution to Keep Positive

mom and twins

Mom and Twins: Photo by Donnie Ray Jones / CC BY 2.0

Awareness is the first step to change. The way we think and speak on a daily basis has a big impact on mood and happiness. Check out this neat graphic about Moms & Happiness.

One easy way to keep positive throughout the day is to change negative language to positive. It is about saying the same thing using different words that keep your brain positive throughout the day.

The following are some examples of how to reword statements to create a positive spin:

I feel tired today after work —- My body needs a break

I won’t forget the diapers today—-I will remember to put diapers in the bag

Don’t hit mommy—-I like when you are gentle with mommy

Not a problem—-Sure, I can help

I can’t do anything right—-I made a mistake

Cleaning up negative statements throughout the day can boost your overall mood.

  1. Start by becoming aware of frequently used “negative” words and phrases (don’t, won’t, can’t, shouldn’t, problem, terrible, worthless, wrong, bad, failure, never)


  1. Become creative about changing your daily language like above (I will never succeed—-I will do my best to succeed…This is a challenging problem—-I will work on a solution….I feel like a failure—-I will improve next time)


  1. Use positive language when you think and speak. If you catch yourself, replace negative language with positive.


Check out this link to read more ideas using positive language in your daily life.


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