The Motherhood Paradox


Photo by Karilop311 / CC BY 2.0

When a woman becomes pregnant, she often wants to learn as much as she can about raising her child. She may read articles, blogs, research and books. However, she can find herself becoming overwhelmed with the information as she is bound to find contradictions with everything from feeding, sleeping, naps and more.  The deeper she digs for information, the more inconsistencies she may find. Everyone from doctors, research and personal blogs have a different way of what is best.

It all becomes confusing. She may question, what will I actually do when the baby comes?

Personally, I had to take a break for a while from all the information. It was beginning to create anxiety for me, instead of reassurance, which is often the initial intention.

One night while I was still in the haze a few months in, my son’s cries broke the night silence. I sat up and move toward his side. A simple thought crossed my mind. “My son needs me.” All the jumbo of information on co-sleep/cry-it-out/crib sleep/breastfeeding/solids/nap schedules/on demand was lost. It was a simple moment of me as a mother knowing what my son needed.

I have learned how powerful motherhood instinct can be. I still continue to read and educate myself on various viewpoints of raising children, but first trust I my instincts as my son’s mother.

Mamas: it does not always go smoothly, and we will surely make mistakes. Just know this – motherhood instincts and love combined with knowledge can go a long way.


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