Resources for Emotional Eating

baby eating

Oliver and Oats Photo by LB1860 / CC BY 2.0

Many mothers are under a great deal of stress and may struggle with their relationship with food. Linked to this post are two of my favorite articles regarding the subject of food addiction and overeating. I personally believe it helps to understand the science of the “why” of an issue to help recover. The articles are fairly lengthy but helpful.

It’s All in the Brain

Food and Addiction: The Dopamine Made Me Do It

Here is a summary for you:

The brain is a very powerful part of understanding overeating and food addiction. Food can trigger pleasurable chemicals in the brain that promote engaging in a cycle of overeating. The keys to breaking this cycle include some common self-care techniques.

– Move your body: This can be as simple as walking

– Sleep: This is an important restorative process for your brain and tiredness is a huge trigger for an addiction to continue

– Stress relief: What works for you? Meditation, physical activity, reading, etc

– Meditation: If you are new to meditation try free guided meditations at

– Balanced Diet: Keeping blood sugar steady is important in trying to stop overeating triggers

– Self-Awareness: Know your own triggers and plan ahead for them


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